Opti-UPS Power Supply GNL1500P 1500VA 900W 1050Joules Line Interactive Retail


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Opti-UPS Power Supply GNL1500P 1500VA 900W 1050Joules Line Interactive Retail

The GNL-P UPS provides pure, reliable AC power to the loads such as PCs, peripherals and workstations. It protects these loads from utility power blackout, swells, sags, surges and interference. Under normal power conditions, the line-interactive design enables the system to adjust and filter power fluctuations continuously and automatically. In the event of power failure, it provides immediate back-up power from the batteries.


LINE mode indicator (Green)

AVR Boost / Buck mode indicator (Yellow)

OVER LOAD indicator (Red)

Full-time Battery Backup and Surge Protected Outlets

Compact size with multiple outlets for full-time battery backup & surge protection

AVR Technology

Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

RJ11 / RJ45 Surge Protection

1-in and 1-out surge protection port

USB Connectivity

Allows computer to communicate with UPS through USB port

Professional Management Software

Keeps track of and makes decisions upon various power line events.

DC power on

Allows UPS to start in the absence of AC grid power

Line Interactive
Low Frequency
On-Battery Output Waveform
Simulated Sine Wave
Maximum Capacity (VA/W)
Nominal Input Voltage
110 Vac
120 Vac
Nominal Input Frequency
50 Hz/60 Hz Auto Sensing
Input Voltage Range
Rated Voltage +/-25%
AC Line-In Plug
NEMA 5-15P
Nominal Output Voltage
100/120 Vac
Output Voltage Regulation
Rated Voltage +/-5% (on Battery)
Transfer Time (Typical)
Start on Battery
Auto Restart
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
AVR increases the output voltage by 15% while the input voltage is below nominal by 9% to 25%
AVR decreases the output voltage by 13% while the input voltage is above nominal by 9% to 25%
Type and Number of Outlets
4 Battery Backup and 2 Bypass Surge Protected Outlets
Data Line Surge Protection
Surge Energy Rating
110/120 VAC
1050 Joules
Overload Protection
UPS shuts down at overload 10% after 60 secs or at 30% after 3 secs
Over Current Protection
Circuit breakers
Battery Configuration
24 V (12V 7.2AH x 2)
Typical Battery Time
Package includes: Opti-UPS Power Supply GNL1500P 1500VA 900W 1050Joules Line Interactive Retail
WARRANTY: 1 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

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