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Article: Scientists Invented AI Made From DNA

Scientists Invented AI Made From DNA

Now, this is just so awesome! Don’t you think so? Scary to in a way. But I saw another article on something similar to this, and that we’re running out of space to store data due to no one deleting anything, especially businesses. Everything is considered critical, so they won’t get rid of any of their data. To combat this scientists have found a way to store Big Data in DNA. It’s a revolutionary concept, isn’t it? But DNA can store so much more and offers new opportunities. Decisions, decisions…


Last Wednesday, researchers at Caltech announced that they created an artificial neural network from synthetic DNA that is able to recognize numbers coded in molecules. It’s a novel implementation of a classic machine learning test that demonstrates how the very building blocks of life can be harnessed as a computer.
This is pretty mind-blowing, but what does it all mean? For starters, “artificial intelligence” here doesn’t refer to the superhuman AI that is so beloved by Hollywood. Instead, it refers to machine learning, a narrow form of artificial intelligence that is best summarized as the art and science of pattern recognition.

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