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Article: Surveillance That Can See Through Walls

Surveillance That Can See Through Walls: MIT Develops ‘RF-Pose,’ Which Can Identify And Track People


This is an amazing article about new technology being developed at MIT. How would you like to see what people are doing on the other side of a wall? This is being completed by using AI. It’s not meant to be threatening technology, it’s meant to help certain industries right now, like law enforcement and healthcare. It’s an interesting idea to consider. What do you think?

Here’s an excerpt of the article.


Researchers at MIT have developed a new technology, which they have dubbed “RF-Pose.” With RF-Pose, you can, in a sense, “see through” walls — the technology can identify the person, and their actions. This includes whether they are walking, how fast they are moving, waving, sitting, or standing. It integrates artificial intelligence, and offers somewhere around an 83 percent accuracy in identifying people from “a known group.”

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