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Top 3 Cybersecurity Trends (via iamwire)

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Keeping up with cybersecurity measures to keep your computer and system safe is becoming more and more difficult.  Hackers are coming up with new and unusual ways to break into systems all the time.  Sometimes it’s for work, sometimes it’s for fun and sometimes it’s for criminal purposes.  The thing is, if you want to have a reputation for being a safe online store where people can visit and shop without fearing that their data will be taken, then you always have to be on top of what’s going on in the cybersecurity world. 

Just some statistics from 2016 to help show how important cybersecurity is today.  It’s a little outdated, but it gets the point across.   

  • 18 million new malware samples were taken in the 3rd quarter alone. 
  • In the year 2016, there were 400 ransomeware attacks every day. 
  • 78% of people still click on unknown links even though they know about the danger of doing this.  

3 Cybersecurity Trends  

  1. More IoT for Business Operations – The Internet of Things is becoming more popular every day in working environments.  Because of this, it’s making corporate networks vulnerable as there are so many windows where attacks can come through now.  These devices being used for IoT are not secure, allowing hackers to make programs and fake apps that people might download to make work easier, not knowing that they are allowing hackers entry into the system.  Vigilance is key to predict and find where an attack is happening. 
  2. Mobile Threats are Rising Smartphones are the PDA of the ’90’s.  Hackers can use these phones and are using them to spy, use extortion and steal data from companies.  As the smartphone becomes more popular as a tool when offsite, working from home, or in the company, it allows for many more types of opportunities for criminal hackers to gain entry. 
  3. Security of the Cloud –  As the cloud is becoming popular as a place to store all sorts of data, make sure to check the security being used by the company you’re working with.  If their security isn’t up to date, it doesn’t make sense to use them as your data will be vulnerable to attacks.  Make sure to look up their security policies and see when they conduct updates so you get a better idea of how well they take security seriously.  If it isn’t to your standards, then keep shopping.  There are lots of third-party vendors out there dealing with cloud environments.  Also make sure to manage the cloud program after implementing it, along with login credentials.  If either is being poorly taken care of, hackers will find a way in.  


Invest in an upgrade, making your company safer for your employees and shoppers to work and shop there.   They will appreciate it and so will you in the long run.  Better to spend the money this way instead of having to hire someone to come and fix your system after being infected by an attack. 


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