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Big Data Trends for 2018

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The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has added innumerable new sources of Big Data into the Data Management landscape and will be one of the major Big Data Trends in 2018 and beyond.


There are so many different types of devices that are adding to big data every day.  Because there has to be a secure and safe way to handle, transfer and store all the data, new ideas and trends are popping up all the time.  Here are just a few trends for 2018 on big data. 

Business Intelligence Trends  

  1. Business Intelligence   
  • Using the cloud for business intelligence will increase 
  •  Improving data visualization models/self-service software through analytics 
  • Expanding into new markets will be done using big data to help with decision-making 

Cloud Trends  

  1. Create a Niche – Will help build better research options and more competition 
  2. Hybrid Cloud – Not everyone wants to turn all their data over to the cloud, so hybrid formats will become more popular.  Some will be kept on-premise and some in the cloud 
  3. More Departments will Access the Cloud – Interfacing with Cloud technology is much easier than before, so IT departments won’t be as needed for this  

Data Analytics Trends 

  1. Include Visualization Models – Data discovery has begun to include presentation along with finding and analyzing the data.  Because of this visualization models are becoming more popular as a way to show what the data is telling you.  Improving these models has become very important as people can absorb visuals better than just words and numbers. 
  2. Predictive Analytics –   Most companies in the past have just used historical big data to find answers to solutions.  Now they’re switching over to predictive analytics because it’s more helpful and gives real-time results through knowing your customers. 

Internet of Things Trends (IoT) 

  1. Improving Retail – IoT gains information, therefore allowing you to market better to your customers and prospective customers.  Some companies are already beginning to invest in sensor-based analytics so they can see which part of the stores are being visited the most. 
  2. Healthcare – Big data now drives healthcare solutions.  It could also change how people pay their medical bills and access healthcare sites.  Wearable technology can help improve treatment, networked devices can tell patients when to take their medicine… 
  3. Changing Security Challenges – In 2016 hackers really damaged the Internet when they attacked through using the IoT.  These weaknesses will continue to grow the more IoT is used. AI and machine learning can help better secure the connections.  More workers will need to become experts in these fields to be able to handle issues that come up. 

Machine Learning (ML) Trends 

  1. Business Development – Digital business needs to move towards automation.  Machine learning opens the door to being able to use machines with limitless applications to help your business grow. 
  2. Education – It helps to improve teaching.  The algorithms are creating lists of resources to help teachers find sources to use for their classes.   
  3. Healthcare – Finding and treating diseases correctly is a big part of why healthcare is starting to use ML.  Scientists are also creating algorithms to find tumors.  What ML is being used for now by the healthcare industry is: 
  • Behavior change 
  • Predicting outbreaks 
  •  Discovering drugs 
  • Radiology 
  • Making records all electronic 
  • Diagnosis and disease id 

Artificial Intelligence Trends 

  1. Research – Presently scientists are looking to make algorithms that will make it easier for people and technology to communicate with each other easier through natural speech.  Right now, AI and ML help people through automating jobs like:
  • Being able to read the handwritten material 
  •  Identifying faces 
  • Helping people to learn better 
  • Take care of cognitive skills like planning and reasoning with partial information 

AI and Cyber Security 

  1. AI to combat AI hacking – Make sure to look into this one as it can really help protect against future attacks.  These kinds of defense systems can look into the past to learn what happened, then make decisions on how to protect against it.  Baselines can be created so the programming knows when abnormal activities are taking place.  AI can change the playing field as it can create defense strategies based on what it finds out. 


There is so much going on now and it’s so exciting to learn about it.  So many choices to consider if you want to try.  Which would you like to learn more about?  


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