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Top 5 Trends From Mobile World Congress 2018

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Source: Forbes

In March this year, there was a mobile trade show that talked about many new trends.  Everything shown there, from AI to 5G.   Here’s a list of them and why they might affect us all… 

  1. 5G – This implements faster connectivity.  Because of improved speeds, the user experience will go up.  In turn, this allows for a better experience between consumers and brands that they might be following.   What’s in reach is 100x better speed than 4G and 10x better than broadband speed.  Because of this IoT, AR, VR and Edge Computing are becoming closer in reach than before.   
  2. Artificial Intelligence – 5G will be able to handle AI for a change.  This is good as AI can be used to plan and manage networks.  Consumer demand predicting is going to become easier.  Easing tariffs will become the norm.   AI and telecommunication are just scratching the surface of what’s to come. 
  3. Augmented Reality – Apparently Google is planning on putting AR in every new smart phone by December 2018.  That will be something to see and will be extremely interesting to see how they will make it work on a phone.  On top of that AR can be used in supply chain management and allow customers to test products almost before buying.  Because of this innovators will be able to better meet demand. 
  4. Industrial IoT – Industrial IoT uses technology differently than if it’s a consumer.  Things needing consideration is moving business data securely from one site to another, sorting it out, and how it’s going to be used. Mostly they were talking about using IoT for tracking vehicles and robotics. 
  5. New Devices Coming to Market – New mobile features will possibly include virtual reality and biometrics.  That will be interesting to see how they can enable those features.   New types of cooling systems and having almost no bezels might just be coming next! 


It’s going to be an interesting time, with many new innovations coming to our smartphones.  Because of these changes, it’s going to make everything so much easier to complete without even having to go to PC or Mac it looks.  Just how much customer improvement is there going to be with all these potential implementations?  That’s the big question.    


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