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6 hot digital transformation trends — and 4 going cold (via CIO)

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Now considered essential to driving profits, digital transformations are shifting from platform-first strategies to initiatives that leverage emerging technologies in service of clear customer and operational goals.

Source: CIO

  1. Location Services – Helps remove friction and smooths the process of talking to a company.  It’s hot now.  Medical services already use it for remote care and telehealth.  It can help people find out where there’s an open parking spot in a crowded lot.  Location services can also help customers to find offices that they need to get to for meetings and appointments.  Video conferencing, receiving text message updates to remind people of appointments and wearable devices are all considered a part of digital transformation too.
  2. Cloud First Strategy – It’s going cold.  When upgrading infrastructures now companies tend to move everything to the cloud.  The feeling isn’t the same as when the cloud became popular to use.  Now people go whichever way is the best for what their company wants.  Some go for on-premises while others go for cloud.  The main thing companies want is flexibility, security, affordability, and speed.   
  3. Atomic Pricing of the Cloud – It’s going hot.  Digital transformation needs to have a reliable cloud solution that agencies can use.  Atomic pricing is when agencies can buy infrastructure per-second use.  In other words, when a subject becomes more popular the site being visited can scale automatically to be able to handle the requests better.
  4. Build it Yourself IoT – Is going cold.  Ready-to-use platforms are more in demand instead of building your own.  This is because successful implementation of IoT platforms is more in demand now across all industries.
  5. Blockchain for Business – Is going hot.  There’s not much blockchain implementation in businesses now, but more and more organizations are looking into it as it’s much safer than other modes of transferring information between work devices.   Agencies are interested in using blockchain for smart contracts instead of cryptocurrency for which it became known for.  It can also give some control back to the customer too.   
  6. Mobile-first and Tablets – Is going cold.  The trend of people using their smartphones and tablets for everything, therefore cutting out PCs and laptops completely never happened. It’s reversing instead, focusing more on computers than smartphones and tablets.
  7. Identity Management in the Cloud – Is going hot. Single identity accounts for using services so users don’t have to verify themselves every time.  It will help to streamline the process of signing on. 
  8. Using Many Tools for Collaboration – Is going cold. Having too many options causes too many problems.  Companies are getting frustrated with having all these different tools.  Choosing one that can do multiple things like Skype or Google Talk is what’s becoming popular now.  It speeds up the process and makes doing business so much easier for everyone. 
  9. AI and Machine Learning – Is going hot.  AI is becoming very popular and due to this, there’s more interest in machine learning which is a subset of AI. Machine learning allows software algorithms to improve reliability and effectiveness.  It’s a new form of statistical analysis that companies can use.  Artificial Intelligence is moving from central processing to IoT (local devices) on the edge and in concert.  It’s used in customer care, improving interactions between the customer and the company through automated interaction.  Text analysis, facial recognition, network analysis, and threat detection are just some of the things it does. 
  10. Interactive Voice – Is going hot.  Alexa and Siri are examples of this.  There’s a huge push to embed healthcare information into these types of devices too. The trend is that traditional means of computing are becoming less popular while more interactive voice methods are becoming more popular. 
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