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6 internet of things trends that will dominate 2018

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Many organizations are already incorporating IoT technologies into their products, processes, and workflows, but 2018 is shaping up to be a breakout year for IoT deployments. Here are six IoT trends to watch in 2018.

Source: CIO

6 Internet of Things Trends

  1. Everything Will Connect – Consumer IoT will increase.  Because of this industrial IoT (IIoT) will learn to take advantage of real-time analytics, feedback from the customer and so forth.  Even with the proof of the power of consumer IoT, using it in industrial environments is slower.
  2. New data infrastructures –  Companies will increase the use of IoT in the field due to more innovative technologies.  These agencies use sensors for reading data, sending it through IoT in real-time.  The infrastructures need updates to accept all the formats.  In order to really be able to use the information coming in they need to be able to handle constant streams and better ways to analyze the data, either through deep and/or machine learning. 
  3. Processing and IoT edge – Everything will expand into the cloud.  But in this case, everything will also expand to the edge, almost into and sometimes directly into the devices used.  The need will be to create tiers of sensitivity to better partition and create latency.  Some devices need a constant connection to the Internet while others do not.  Big data control devices in higher tiers than others, in order to better control them.  Edge analytics and intelligence are increasing in speed too.   
  4. IT and OT will collaborate more – Information technology and operational technology will work together more this year.  It applies to IIoT as it needs them to work together correctly.  Analytic tools being introduced to the end users makes operational decisions real-time now.  Deploying IoT projects to business operation teams instead of IT teams is more popular now.  69% either say that they have adopted or plan to adopt IoT solutions in 2018, so demand is increasing.   
  5. The motivation for IoT attacks will be financial – IoT is extremely open to attack.  Because of this, it will become a part of the business-critical infrastructure.  Presently the attitude is to wait and see until further notice as IoT attacks is seen as futuristic.    
  6. Pilot Projects to Business Value – 2017 was about pilot programs and experimenting with IoT.  It continues into this year also, but edge technology will help it to pick up speed and implementation.  
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