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Key Digital Trends For 2018

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The yearly trend report outlining both where the digital and social landscape is headed and what brands and agency partners should do about it, from Marshall Manson and James Whatley.


5 Trends to Look for

  1. Augmented Reality – Proliferation of mobile, AR platforms and mass-user penetration have all improved immensely as it becomes more and more popular.  Brands have started to take part in it too.   
  2. Typing as a thing of the past – User interfaces are turning away from hands-on to voice and images.  Users are using technology in a more natural and instinctive way.  Technology will learn to understand people and natural language.  Brands have to prepare for the coming changes.
  3.  Changes in influencers Marketing – The present method of marketing through using influencers is not good enough.  Giving money to people who might not really know the brand can actually lessen the significance of what the brand stands for.  In time this can lower the credibility of your brand.  Influencer marketing continues to grow, but cracks are beginning to show. 
  4. Using Amazon as a Sales Funnel – Amazon is growing all the time as a digital marketing platform.  It’s no longer about product pages but using Amazon as an advertising platform instead.   
  5. Digital Security – There are many weaknesses in the digital arena.  There are also a lot of improvements that are coming along this year to counter the threats or mitigate possible problems that might come up.  There is GDPR starting at the end of May.  There are new initiatives to help counter fraud and addressing customers who have issues with buying online.  Transparency is the new word of the day, making it easier to show customers what brands are doing to market to them.  State-sponsored hacking is still a problem, and the security industry is busy trying to keep up with all the possible new techniques of crime through the Internet.   


There have been many improvements already, but there is much that still has to be seen.  Amazon really is the way to go to get items shown to more people.  It’s so popular that it is about to take over Google and Facebook as the place to advertise.  I’ll be using it myself in the future as I love Amazon.   Security will always be an issue.  New threats come all the time, both from domestic and international threats.  It would be smart to find a platform that is known for good security that reacts quickly.  The faster the response time, the more trustworthy the store will be known as.  Very important in today’s world.   

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