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IBM Launches New Cloud for Data Science and Engineering (via Datanami)

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IBM today unveiled a new cloud offering called Cloud Private Data that’s designed to help organizations utilize data science and machine learning techniques to generate insight from data, and then engineer AI products that put those insights into use. Separately, Big Blue announced the creation of a new consulting…

Source: Datanami


This is more FYI for us all.  I find it pretty cool that IBM is starting to help out with the creation of the application  that helps with data science and engineering.  It’ll make life and work so much easier for everyone.  Its main purpose is for use by data scientists.  It collects data, cleans and categorizes it.  Machine learning algorithms developed here build models and put them into production.

I think it would be a good thing to check out just because it might help companies to grow.  Think of all the information you could gather from using this and how it could put you ahead of the rest.

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