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How Internet of Things Applications Evolve – (via DATAVERSITY)

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Right now, even with many IoT use cases running successfully, businesses have to deal with IT standards, Data Management limitations, infrastructure limitations, and skills shortages.



The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how business works.  Data gathered from many sources is then put together to analyze, predict and model the information.  There is much opportunity out there to take advantage of, but the process still needs smoothing out.

Things to Consider

There are IT standards to take into consideration, data management and infrastructure limits, plus a shortage of qualified people to run everything.  IoT can give many different types of benefits for business, but the question becomes what kind of technology will you use to progress?  Will you take advantage of the Cloud, Big Data or machine learning?  There are many opportunities available.  Here are nine benefits to consider.

9 Benefits of IoT

  1. It connects platforms to apps
  2. Smart cities with smart energy, self-driving transports, and intelligent security
  3. Smart homes and businesses connected with smartphones
  4. Wearable technology to keep track of your health
  5. The Industrial Internet
  6. Smart farming
  7. Connect engines to remote diagnostics
  8. Industrial safety
  9. Supply Chain monitoring

It provides real-time analytics that all can take advantage of in some way.  In the future all aspects of our lives will become more informed-decision than data-driven like it is now.  What do you think of that?

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