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Risky AI business: Navigating regulatory and legal dangers to come (via CIO)

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AI Intro

Artificial intelligence poses a range of hidden and unknown dangers for enterprises deploying the technology. Here’s how to guard against the legal and compliance risks of AI.

Source: CIO

Now who would have expected this?  I sure didn’t.  It’s a wake up call when you have to consider regulations and possible legal ramifications of using AI in certain industries.  “Context, ethics, and data quality are issues that affect the value and reliability of AI, particularly in highly regulated industries,” says Dan Farris, co-chairman of the technology practice at law firm Fox Rothschild, and a former software engineer who focuses his legal practice on technology, privacy, data security, and infrastructure matters. “Deploying AI in any highly regulated industry may create regulatory compliance problems.”  Source: CIO

Best Practices

  • Have a thorough grasp of how the machine makes its decisions
  • Design systems to gather reasonings of decisions made
  • Make sure you’re in regulations
  • Develop industry specific rules
  • Knowing when it is safer to use Artificial Intelligence to human brain power

Very interesting information.


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